Six Flags Goes Mobile!

February 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Posted in Mobile Marketing | 6 Comments
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Not really, but it would be a cool idea.

Six FlagsMobile marketing is a pretty neat thing. Being able to reach an audience that’s on the go is becoming increasingly important as the younger generations become more mobile.

While talking about mobile marketing during this week’s class discussion, I started thinking about companies that could potentially use mobile marketing to their advantage. The companies who could benefit most would be those companies whose target market needs information but is not in front of a computer.

Six Flags could definitely use mobile marketing to their advantage. With the goals of improving the customer experience by providing useful information, as well as increasing interaction with their customers, Six Flags could enact the ultimate mobile marketing campaign.

Here’s what I came up with:

When a visitor entered the park, billboards and posters can be displayed which encourages them to text “ACTIVATE” to “6FLAGS” to begin receiving the following information:

  • Ride closures/delays
  • Limited time sales at concession stands and souvenir shops
  • Giveaways such as free tickets for their next visit, free upgrade to a Flash Pass, free lemonade, etc.
  • Video ads of the top coasters in the park
  • Proximity messaging through strategic kiosks throughout the park, sending information about the closest rides and concession stands

In addition, visitors could download an interactive map application which uses the GPS signal from their cell phone to show them exactly where they are in the park. Six Flags could then use this information to determine heavy traffic areas, which could be used as support for future park development and restructuring.

When leaving the park, visitors could either text “DONE” to “6FLAGS” to end the text messages, or they could text their email address to receive future promotions from the park.

Is this something you would be interested in? In my head, it’s a brilliant idea but I want to hear other peoples’ opinions!



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  1. I think its a great idea. Especially having a six flags map right o n your cell phone. This way you dont have to deal with the gigantic paper map falling out of your pocket and having to search for another one!

  2. I actually hate mobile marketing and everything that this industry is turning into because of it! But for something like Six Flags, I do think this makes a lot of sense and I think these are some pretty strong ideas. They should hire you.

    • When we discussed mobile marketing and proximity marketing in class, I was one of the people who was turned off by the concept at first. Once we decided on a best practice of opt-in messages only, I have to say that I think it can be very effective. I used mobile marketing by Butterball when I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner this year!

      What have you seen in your career that turns you off from mobile marketing?

  3. Good idea, I think it would be beneficial for people that are webpage savvy via cell phone. For one, i know my mother would get real annoyed trying to figure out how to get to Dare Devil Dive from El Toro. Let alone, retrieving a picture message i send her. For people that can look at their phone and understand what it is saying and what to do next, then yes that would be awesome instead of carrying the huge map that always rips in the first hour 🙂 (kinda feel cool holding that thing though)

    As far as the discounts and updates on the place via text, that is awesome.

  4. Being that the person in possession of the cell phone has the ability to activate messages or choose not to receive them makes this type of marketing acceptable to me. The possibilities for company’s seem unlimited , providing the way they package it benefits people in some way. Otherwise why bother activating in the future. That said , your ideas I must say with regards to Six Flags, are very smart and insightful. Ride closure delays and free giveaways are certainly beneficial to customers and add to their overall experience at the park.GPS tied to the map also very smart idea. Kudos….

  5. This is a great idea. We have set up a number of Proximity Marketing programs in places like malls and found that people react positively if they

    a. have ways to opt-in/out
    b. receive something of value (entertaining, useful)
    c. receive something which is timely (coupon for a meal, around lunchtime)

    There are a number of technical options to achieve this, but as you point out, signage is critical to generate awareness.

    A few more ideas to keep the thread going

    a. message to tell you the wait time and when to come back to busy rides
    b. recommended rides – can detect which rides you have been on, if you have Bluetooth and recommend other rides.
    c. games – if you get 10 people to stand in a certain place, everyone gets a prize or award
    d. if you are frequent visitor, you periodically get messages to jump the line (again, can be automatically detected)

    Lots of creative stuff once you start to play. But has to be carefully messaged and planned around an opt in approach.

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