Six Flags Goes Mobile!

February 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Posted in Mobile Marketing | 6 Comments
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Not really, but it would be a cool idea.

Six FlagsMobile marketing is a pretty neat thing. Being able to reach an audience that’s on the go is becoming increasingly important as the younger generations become more mobile.

While talking about mobile marketing during this week’s class discussion, I started thinking about companies that could potentially use mobile marketing to their advantage. The companies who could benefit most would be those companies whose target market needs information but is not in front of a computer.

Six Flags could definitely use mobile marketing to their advantage. With the goals of improving the customer experience by providing useful information, as well as increasing interaction with their customers, Six Flags could enact the ultimate mobile marketing campaign.

Here’s what I came up with:

When a visitor entered the park, billboards and posters can be displayed which encourages them to text “ACTIVATE” to “6FLAGS” to begin receiving the following information:

  • Ride closures/delays
  • Limited time sales at concession stands and souvenir shops
  • Giveaways such as free tickets for their next visit, free upgrade to a Flash Pass, free lemonade, etc.
  • Video ads of the top coasters in the park
  • Proximity messaging through strategic kiosks throughout the park, sending information about the closest rides and concession stands

In addition, visitors could download an interactive map application which uses the GPS signal from their cell phone to show them exactly where they are in the park. Six Flags could then use this information to determine heavy traffic areas, which could be used as support for future park development and restructuring.

When leaving the park, visitors could either text “DONE” to “6FLAGS” to end the text messages, or they could text their email address to receive future promotions from the park.

Is this something you would be interested in? In my head, it’s a brilliant idea but I want to hear other peoples’ opinions!


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